BitScoop Labs

We create better ways to use APIs and Microservices.


BitScoop® Platform

Radically simplifies API integration and streamlines the data and services development process with unified access to APIs.

We support all common authorization negotiation, API structures, data protocols, data formats, throttling, and pagination schemes.


Created for what matters to developers


The easiest API management service

Cost effective to integrate, scale, & maintain

The fastest way to develop with APIs

  • Supports hobbyists to startups to enterprise

  • Adapt to changes with simple, zero downtime maintenance

  • Built on Amazon Web Services and works great with AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda

  • Use any language or framework without SDKs

  • Simple, intuitive, and mobile-friendly interface

  • Requires minimal expertise in APIs and data science

  • Work with our UI or through our API 

  • Removes duplication of effort

  • Community-driven open source API maps

  • Simplified, universal API authentication

  • Effortlessly transform data, change formats, and create relationships