We cure the pains of software development.

William (Liam) Collins-Broza (l), CEO & Co-Founder. Steven Berry (r), CTO & Co-Founder

This is the story of two guys.

They were asked to tie together multiple legacy systems.

When they finished they were asked to tie together another set of legacy systems.

And then they were asked again … And again ....And again ...

Until one day they created a better way.

We are developers. We feel the pains developers have. We want to solve their biggest headaches. That's why we founded BitScoop Labs.

BitScoop solves the major headaches developers encounter when using APIs and SDKs.

Integrating data from external sources, such as APIs, is an extremely difficult and time-consuming task for developers. This substantial pain comes from growing business needs for data. But integrating data is still widely seen as having low ROI or as a distraction for core business because it usually becomes a large portion of software development and maintenance time. We have been software product developers for a long time and we believe this mindset is leading to lost opportunities.

At BitScoop Labs, we have developed a set of technologies that radically simplify data integration at a disruptive price point.

Co-founded by William Collins-Broza and Steven Berry in 2015 in Laguna Beach, California, BitScoop Labs grew out of the work done previously at Ografy, their previous software venture in Washington, D.C.

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