Learn the basics of the BitScoop® platform. Integrate APIs using any language or framework you want. Complete projects with maximum speed and minimal overhead.


Create connected Apps in any language or frameworks. Android, iOS, and Windows apps all work with our unified API and SDKs. Start integrating services with a unified SDK for Android, iOS, and Windows.

We created an example mobile application using the BitScoop Platform, Apache Cordova, and Amazon Web Services. Check out our example project and starter boilerplate.


Simplify creating and maintaining a modern website. The BitScoop Platform can be easily used with modern or legacy web frameworks. Mix monolithic and microservice architecture with a flexible solution. Start integrating services with a unified SDK for JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, and more.

We created an example  application using the BitScoop Platform and Amazon Web Services. Check out our example project and starter boilerplate.

Social Sign In

Turn site visitors into users with frictionless Social Sign Up and Log In. Create a customized experience based on user profile data from any connected source. 

Check out our example project and starter boilerplate for adding Social Sign in for any authorization provider such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Salesforce, Github and More.

Data Science & AI

Is your data pipeline hard to build and maintain? Need better datasets for your company or project? Use BitScoop to import and synchronize data from internet resources.  Check out our example project and starter boilerplate for creating an automated data pipeline sourcing from APIs and Microservices.

Check out our Python SDK; ideal for use in your Data Science, Machine Learning, or AI practice.


The emerging Internet of Things ecosystem is powered by a complex and complicated ocean of APIs. The BitScoop platform is a solution that can scale with your network as it grows and changes. 

Start integrating HTTP traffic and device APIs over public or private networks.


The modern company is using a complicated mixture of technologies from cutting edge cloud to legacy hardware. Accelerate your development and automate your maintenance of integration of APIs, Microservices, and SaaS products.

Use the BitScoop Platform on any cloud service or inside your servers. Build your enterprise products on the BitScoop Platform.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.38.31 PM.png


Join the cutting edge of human computer interaction using the BitScoop Platform. Bring the data and services of the current internet when creating the next generation of games, experiences, and applications.

We created an example WebVR experience using the BitScoop Platform. Check out our API and SDKs, compatible with Unity, UnrealEngine, and WebVR.

Use as a service or deploy to your private cloud.


The BitScoop® platform is not only a hosted solution. Anyone can deploy our platform directly into their private cloud stack in minutes. Add the BitScoop® platform to your data pipeline with the unparalleled security, performance, and reliability.